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About the Project


The London Villages Project ran from 1st March 2011 to February 29th 2012. Its participants aimed to self-define a ‘village’ within London. Free rein was given to their interpretations and to their photographic involvement. Over two hundred of LIP’s membership were involved at one point; sixty-five made it to the end. We had met monthly; published a regular newsletter; ran editing workshops; corresponded at every hour of the day and night; lost members to births, deaths, marriages & Australia; participated in the street art festival that was Deptford X; opened our month-long exhibition at Goldsmith’s College with the words of Nick Reynsford MP; and published a fine photographic record of our work. Most importantly, we developed a bond that sustained us through the doubts & confusions that inhabit any long-term endeavour; this site is a small remembrance of that.