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To London Independent Photography for its conception and bringing to birth of the London Villages Project.

London Village Project Members

Voice of the Project > Quentin Ball

Designer > Anita Chandra

Project Organiser > John Levett

Finance Officer > Tony Othen

Online > Tina Rowe

Publicity > Sandra Terlevic

Exhibition Organiser > Rosemary Williams


To the participating photographers for such philological dexterity in their multiplicity of definitions of ‘village’ and their zeal, perseverance and diligence in encapsulating them.

To Quentin Ball for his dedication from genesis to revelation of the Project, his considered contemplation and judgement upon all of its manifestations and his practical nouse whenever the sky began to darken.

To Jenny Johnson Burrows who continued her participation in the birth of the Project’s online presence before leaving for that of her twins.

To Anita Chandra who has brought to the Project her professional and personal design expertise and virtuosity to originating the cohesive public look of the Project in print, in display and online.

To Tony Othen for his heroic scouring of every source of Project funding in a climate of “Can’t help you guvnor” and his and Helen Othen’s big-hearted hospitality at The Greenwich Gallery for meetings, workshops and drop-ins that made up such a vital component of the process of the Project.

To Tina Rowe for implementing and developing the Project’s online identity, her troubleshooting skills, patience with slow-learners and knowledge of useful whizz-bang gadgets and doodads.

To Sandra Terlevic for bringing enthusiasm, ideas, ingenuity, dedication and graft to publicity, propaganda, push, promotion, press and plugging.

To Rosemary Williams for her ceaseless search for exhibition space, tireless attention to correspondence, equanimous writing of applications and her vision.

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