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The year of the London Villages Project ended on the ‘leap day’ of February.

The next stage is to disseminate the Project in such a a way that we represent the work which members of London Independent Photography have created in as many ways as will engaged the widest possible audience.

Here’s how we intend to accomplish this:


This publication will contain the personal projects of all those who saw the LVP through to the end—up to five representative images plus a brief statement of intention, hope and experience. Some of our photographers were unable to see their project through to the presentation stage—home, work, accident, moving to Australia—a multitude of reasons why things didn’t turn out the way that ambition and expectation promised.

Full details here


The exhibition will take place at Goldsmiths College, University of London, for four weeks during August 2012. Each of the photographers will be exhibiting a ‘signature’ image from their final project.


A series of banners will tour London during the Summer months and on through into Autumn. These will include images from all participants and venues will be published later in the year. The banners will be on display in outdoor public places.

Big Screen

We have been invited to submit a proposal and video on the LVP for projection on the BBC Big Screen in the Autumn of 2012. More details follow after our submission.


The London Villages Project is a distinctive record of London at a pivotal moment in its history and we believe that the work of the Project’s participants will be of value to generations of researchers, photographers and Londoners as decades tick by. As far as ‘permanent’ can be, a permanent location (actual and virtual) will be sought; a location that will allow easy access, search facilities and additions (if it was seen to be of benefit to add to the collection yearly as a permanent project by Londoners for London).